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26.jpgBesides Dizzy Reed and, of course, Axl Rose, no current member of Guns N’ Roses has been in the band longer than lead guitarist Robin Finck. It was actually Use Your Illusion-era drummer Matt Sorum who found Finck while he was in between Nine Inch Nails tours, playing guitar in the orchestra for Circque Du Soleil, where his wife, Bianca, is an acrobat (yes, you read that correctly). And besides bassist Tommy Stinson, he’s the only member of the new GN’R that has been present since the begining of the Chinese Democracy sessions. That either makes Mr. Finck a very patient man or a dude who really, really wants to be a member of Guns N’ Roses.

Either way, Robin has now posted a message on his official website, that reads, in part, as follows:

“I’m writing now in the wake of the recently postponed and cancelled GNR commitments in Japan and in South Africa. I guess I’m writing because I too am disappointed, have a conscience, a website, and I am not on the Bullet Train to Osaka this evening.

I purely want to share with those whom were avid for seeing GNR at these concerts that I too was looking forward to seeing you all. The band was primed and pumped, production packed and shipped. Then, much to our distress, unforeseen circumstance walked in, dropped its surly case and announced with certainty, “I’m here! “. What can we do.”

Some GN’R fans are speculating that if you “read between the lines,” this is a Finck’s declaration of departure from the group. But I can’t say I agree: these just seems like the words of a man who has been, once again, really let down.

Read Finck’s entire post and decide for yourself here.


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