Indie Rock GeekFor instance, take this fine nugget from Swedesplease:

Surrounded’s new release on One Little Indian is called The Nautilus Years and is due out on June 5th. Normally I wouldn’t write about well produced atmospheric rock like this. However it’s hard to pass this kind of stuff up when it appears in your inbox all wrapped and bowed and ready to post.

The idea that “well produced” is a bad word to the indie rock set has always been a source of amusement for me; it’s as if things like “effort,” “good sounding” and “musical ability” are absolutely no-nos in the indie rock bible. God must have come down from the heavens and spoke to the tight-jeans wearing, thick-rimmed-glasses-as-fashion-accessories toting, Morrisey-listening-on-repeat Adam, and decreed: “Thou shalt not make music sound good! Thou snare drums shall sound like a fart in a tin can, thou bass drums shall sound like a piece of cardboard, thou guitars shall always be out of tune, and thou vocals shall be as whiny as possible!”

The fact that this writer wouldn’t normally write about something because it’s well produced takes the nose-up-in-the-air indie rock snobbery mindset a step even further. Pure hilarity. What’s more, this song isn’t even all that well-produced — a decent song, sure, but well-produced… I’ll leave that to you guys to discern.


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