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The impressive debut for the week ending June 20, 2007 is Queens of the Stone Age’s new release Era Vulgaris. Top 100 recurrents include Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Cornell, Dream Theater, Poison, Nine Inch Nails, Rush, and Buckcherry.

Chart positions, sales numbers, and our own commentary after the jump.

#6: Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight
This week: 81,585
Cume: 1,125,577

Not surprising, but 1,125,577 wrongs does not a right make.

#14: Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris
This week: 51,574 (debut)

A huge surprise to me that they sold this many copies; I didn’t realize so many people still cared. Good for them.

#30: Marilyn Manson, Eat Me, Drink Me
This Week: 30,655
Cume: 118,737

Manson’s fans will buy the record but will he reach anyone new?

#31: Ozzy Osbourne, Black Rain
This Week: 26,949
Cume: 259,574

The Ozzman cometh with some pretty solid sales numbers. Despite the cheap packaging it still doesn’t look like he’ll recoup, so he better be making some mean money on this year’s Freefest.

#44: Chris Cornell, Carry On
This Week: 16,629
Cume: 53,795

I’ll carry on not caring.

#69: Dream Theater, Systematic Chaos
This Week: 11,717
Cume: 47,999

Dream Theater’s numbers have never been huge but I would expect better than this, especially now that they’re in the hands of a record label that actually cares.

#75: Poison, Poison’D!
This Week: 11,061
Cume: 32,486

Poison me now so I won’t have to listen to this collection of terrible covers.

#76: Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero
This Week: 10,928
Cume: 378,463

The guy can slam his record label and STILL sell almost 400,000 units in the U.S. alone. Way to go, Trent!

#78 Rush, Snakes & Arrows
This Week: 10,677
Cume: 179,278

I’m absolutely certain that the advertisment that Rush purchased from MetalSucks accounted for exactly 179,277 of those sales.

#95: Buckcherry, 15
This Week: 8,819
Cume: 750,118

Absolutely remarkable. Two years ago no one gave a shit about this band. Just goes to show what a music video with strippers can do for a career.

Hanging on by a thread:

  • #128: Megadeth, United Abominations (Cume: 96,419)
  • #159: Incubus, Light Grenades (Cume: 608,097)
  • #168: Hellyeah, Hellyeah (Cume: 121,442)
  • #174: Tesla, Real to Reel (Cume: 19,803)
  • #178: Bullet for My Valentine, The Poison (Cume: 279,634)
  • #183: Tool, 10,000 Days (Cume: 1,509,102)


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