TraptNot 10 minutes ago I was lamenting to my good friend Axl that this was a slow news week and that there just didn’t seem to be many new releases to write about. In his infinite wisdom Axl responded to me, “If all else fails, write about a band you hate and post the link on their message board.”

Thankfully we just received a press release announcing that Trapt (aka Linkin Park Jr.) have a new single called “Stay Alive” streaming exclusively on Ultimate-Guitar.com, alleviating both of the aforementioned problems and providing perfect fodder for Axl’s suggestion.

Jesus Christ, who is this band kidding? When this guy sings — and by “sing” what I mean is “opens his mouth and lets Auto-tune and ProTools do the rest” — I’m reminded of my 5 years living in Detroit when this shit was blared constantly over the meat-head centric radio station WRIF. It brings me right back to Woodward Ave., where big dudes with goatees and backwards hats (this is in the year 2004, mind you, not 1997) blared this crap out of their Chevy and Ford pickup trucks with Kid Rock flags waving out the window.

Then again, maybe Trapt got the memo that Linkin Park just passed 1,000,000 copies sold of Minutes to Midnight. Trapt will be probably be laughing all the way to the bank. In the meantime, anyone know where Trapt’s fan message board is located?


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