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41917-0-220-0-300.jpgJust a few weeks ago, Vince and I were talking about everyone’s favorite fallen hero, Dimebag, and the demos for a second Damageplan album that Dime’s brother and key collaborator, Vinnie Paul, had said existed. It seemed only logical that someday, in some form, these demos would be released, but we hadn’t heard anything about them in ages. Vinnie must be waiting ’til he’s broke, we guessed.

Well, in a recent interview with ChartAttack.com [via Blabbermouth], Big Vin once again mentioned the demos, promising they’d see the light of day sooner or later:

I’ve got all the demos that me and Dime were working on [for the next Damageplan album] before everything had happened, and we felt like it was some of the best music we’d ever written and we were really excited about it. We felt like it was going to get us back to a place of recognition like we were with Pantera. I would think people would definitely want to hear that music and we’ll get it out, but right now I’m really focused on Hellyeah and seeing where this goes. And once this runs its course for this particular record then I’ll look at some of those demos.”

I gotta say, if these demos are even half as good as Vinnie says they are, I’d like to hear them sooner rather than later. I wasn’t the biggest Damageplan fan in the world, but they were a helluva lot better than Hellyeah, and besides – you can never get too much Dimebag. That’s my motto, anyways.


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