• Axl Rosenberg

jones.jpgGet a good look at the penis in glasses to your right, kiddies: it’s name is Kyle Jones, and he’s a city councilman for Mesa, Arizona. Jones doesn’t like metal – fair enough – but he also thinks it should be banned from his town: “”It’s not what we want our image to be,” he’s reportedly told one local newspaper, continuing, “For me personally I’d just as soon we didn’t have any of that kind of stuff.” (I love it: “that kind of stuff.” Who wants to bet this douche refers to minorities as “those kinds of people?”)

Jones’ panties are in a twist because the Sounds of the Underground tour is about to sweep through his little berg. And while the city’s park council has said that there’s no way to stop the tour because city tax payers – e.g., at least some of the people who will be attending the show – pay for the venue, it’s hard not to find the presence of a dick like Jones disturbing. I know we live in an era when the Constitution is maleable at best, but come ON, shit head: this is ridiculous.

And so, my fellow metalheads, I ask you to please join us here at MetalSucks in giving Kyle Jones a big “FUCK YOU.” We win again, ass wipe.



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