• Axl Rosenberg

otep-082804-8.jpgOtep Shamaya, the frontwoman for Otep – the band that very quickly went from being maybe the only kinda-promising rap metal act of the early aughties to a complete joke – recently released a statement regarding the fate of the band’s latest album, Ascension, which was supposed to come out last March before Capitol records finally crunched some numbers, came to their senses, and dropped the band. The statement reads, in part:

“…the band and I do appreciate how patient everyone has been through this. We are lucky to have fans and supporters like you who are foaming for this album. We are very, very proud of it and are excited to share it with you. All should be sorted out soon…”

Seriously, Otep? You’re excited to share the album with us? Because since your old label got as far as sending out review copies to music journalists and paying for a video for the first single, the fuckin’ thing has been on the internet for months and we’re pretty sure the seventeen people who still give a shit already have it.


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