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As Axl reported this morning, As I Lay Dying’s latest release An Ocean Between Us was the big story in metal this week with an impressive debut. Nikki Sixx’s new band Sixx A.M. also debuted in the Top 100 with the stellar soundtrack to the book The Heroin Diaries (read our review here), as did the soundtrack to Rob Zombie’s remake of the classic film Halloween. Chart positions and sales figures after the jump, and of course our patented commentary.

#8: As I Lay Dying, An Ocean Between Us
This Week: 39,490 (debut)

An ocean between me and the people who think this band has an ounce of originality.

#9: Nickelback, All the Right Reasons
This Week: 39,240
Cume: 5,818,194

All the right 5,818,194 reasons to punch these shits in the nutsack.

#12: Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight
This Week: 34,302
Cume: 1,599,617

The good news is that Linkin Park fell 9% this week. The bad news is that these douchetards are still #12.

#14: Amy Winehouse, Back to Black
This Week: 32,946
Cume: 1,095,908

We interrupt this usually metal/hard-rock-only site to bring you a news flash: AMY FUCKING WINEHOUSE has gone platinum. What the fuck is wrong with this world? Admittedly, this is a pretty good record. But if anyone ever doubted that all you need to do to sell records is be a strung-out, drug-addicted, face-scratching whore then let this be Exhibit A in the counter-argument. And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

#35: Korn, Untitled
This Week: 20,063
Cume: 216,195

#44: White Stripes, Icky Thump
This Week: 15,120
Cume: 552,896

#62: Sixx A.M., The Heroin Diaries
This Week: 10,639 (debut)

Excellent record. Deserving of way more attention.

#65: Flyleaf, Flyleaf
This Week: 10,278
Cume: 693,024

I don’t know anyone who listens to Flyleaf. I guess this record must be pretty popular in red states Middle America.

#66: Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist
This Week: 10,262
Cume: 271,689

Corgan should stop wasting time calling American girls “sluts” and instead write good songs that will drive them to buy his “reunion” record.

#71: Finger Eleven, Them Vs. You Vs. Me
This Week: 9,871
Cume: 176,384

#75: Three Days Grace, One-X
This Week: 9,169
Cume: 858,939

See #65, above.

#83: Halloween Soundtrack
This Week: 8,387 (debut)

#89: Hinder, Extreme Behavior
This Week: 7,934
Cume: 2,521,331

#90: Guns N’ Roses, Greatest Hits
This Week: 7,905
Cume: 3,700,863

They will be able to milk this cash cow for literally the rest of their lives.

#100: Velvet Revolver, Libertad
This Week: 7,347
Cume: 208,925

People seem to be losing interest in this band in a hurry… and there it goes.

Hangin’ on by a thread:

  • #105: Ozzy Osbourne, Black Rain (Cume: 366,030)
  • #114: AC/DC: Back in Black (Cume: 1,908,091)
  • #115: 12 Stones, Anthem for the Underdog (Cume: 19,240)
  • #120: Papa Roach, Paramour Sessions (Cume: 334,973)
  • #123: Buckcherry, 15 (Cume: 817,867)
  • #145: Incubus, Light Grenades (Cume: 660,359)
  • #146: Breaking Benjamin, Phobia (Cume: 728,976)
  • #147: Hellyeah, Hellyeah (Cume: 169,653)
  • #165: Fuel, Angels & Devils (Cume: 27,358)
  • #166: Drowning Pool, Full Circle (Cume: 21,571)
  • #168: Metallica, Metallica (Cume: 14,983,453)
  • #169: Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory (Cume: 9,256,450)
  • #180: Marilyn Manson, Eat Me, Drink Me (Cume: 207,134)


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