Bloodsimple singerWho says there are no metal bands from New York City? New York’s own Bloodsimple has posted three new songs for streaming on their MySpace page from their forthcoming release Red Harvest due on October 30.

Strangely, none of the newly posted songs are the first single “Out To Get You.” I hope they’re saving the best for last, because frankly none of the three songs they’ve posted impress me that much. I enjoyed Bloodsimple’s first album, if mainly for only a small handful of solid songs, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There are some cool riffs in the new stuff (the breakdown and end of the self-titled cut) but oftentimes Bloodsimple veers dangerously close to nu-metal simplicity for my tastes. “Whiskey Bent” is the most promising track of this lot. I will say this: the singer (if their MySpace page weren’t so damn clogged with annoying widgets maybe I could find the dude’s name) sounds legitimately fuckin’ PISSED OFF, rather than some of these pansy-ass fake-pissed-off lead singers.


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