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Seriously, brah. These guys are amazing. Better than amazing. By far my favorite new band I’ve heard since I discovered the indisputable champions of progressive metal about 6 years ago. And Intronaut is fucking young(ish); I kinda feel like we can expect a pretty healthy career from them, knock on boner. If I found such a symbiotic musical relationship as these guys have, I would fight to keep it going for as long as possible. That said, already in its first year and a half, the band has changed out a member or two, but judging by the new track (from the band’s upcoming The Challenger) recently posted on its myspace page, the focus and direction hasn’t changed a damn bit.

The song below, the first cut off of Intronaut’s full-length Void, is so fierce, and yet so organic; how could you not be thankful for musicians as accomplished as this? I still get completely blown away every time I hear this track, which has easily been a hundred times since last winter. And the way it sets up the next brutal track on the album, which in turn perfectly sets up the following gem….in my humble opinion, the first three songs off of Void ought to be listened to one after the other every single time, but I guess you’re just gonna have to pick up a copy of the record to find out for yourself, and learn exactly what I’m talkin bout. Just remember when yr jaw hits the fucking floor, that Wingerschmidt told ya so!

I just decided right now, while writing this, that the first time I get to see these guys play live, I am going to personally deliver a round of whiskey shots to each member of the band right before they start their set.

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INTRONAUT – “A Monolithic Vulgarity“, off of Void

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