At the GatesIt wouldn’t be considered a stretch to call At the Gates one of the most influential bands on metal today. Without At the Gates (and Dark Tranquillity), there would be no In Flames, The Haunted or Soilwork. And without any of those bands, there would be no Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, and without those bands there wouldn’t be any of the hundreds of mis-labeled metalcore bands that dominate today’s metal charts. Well, maybe the latter part is a good thing. In any case, they were pretty fuckin’ influential and they’ve just announced that they will be reuniting to tour the 2008 European Summer festival circuit.

Dates at Ruis Rock in Finland, the legendary Wacken Open Air in Germany, and Bloodstock in the UK have been confirmed so far, which leads us to speculate that Axl and I may be blessed with a Download 2008 appearance when we make the trip next summer. A Carcass reunion and At the Gates reunion at the same show? Ya don’t say.

At the Gates consists of Tomas Lindberg (Disfear, The Crown, Lockup) on vocals, Anders Björler (The Haunted) and Martin Larsson on guitar, Jonas Björler (The Haunted) on bass, and Adrian Erlandsson (Brujeria, Cradle of Filth) on drums. I was just listening to Slaughter of the Soul on my iPod on my way to work today; swear to God.


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