Vince and I were kind of amazed at the number of you who didn’t follow the rules of this contest: some of you just sent us your name and address without any mention of your favorite Trustkill band, and, even worse, some of you sent us the name of your favorite Trustkill band but didn’t tell us why that was your favorite Trustkill band – which means you read the instructions and completely ignored them, hoping to just win anyway. What do you think we’re runnin’ here, a charity?

Still, PLENTY of you did write in with mini-essays telling us all about the Trustkill artists you love, and we enjoyed each and every one of ’em. Still, this is a contest and there must be winners, so: congratulations to MetalSucks readers Richard Salane (favorite Trustkill band: Fight Paris), Chee Kam (Walls of Jericho), Ian Vincent (Nora), Nick Waynick (Bleeding Through) and Jonathon Ben (Throwdown). Each of these lucky bastards just won themselves a copy of Sick City’s new CD, Nightlife, and a Sick City t-shirt.

And since we think Mr. Ben’s entry was especially well written, passionate, and hilarious, we’ve re-printed it for you after the jump!


For this contest, you have asked me to tell you who my favorite TrustKill artist is and why. Allow me to tell you a short story.

It was Summer of 2006. A friend of mine and I were driving around after sitting in a Starbucks for over an hour bullshitting and making fun of the trendy kids who were, in turn, making fun of us due to our poor pronunciations of Starbucks drink names (For the record, it’s a large coffee. They can shove their venti iced mocha right up their asses).

After spending roughly 5% of our day fighting douchebaggery from the front lines, we decided it was time to make our exit. We dove in his car and, as he spun his tires leaving the lot, he put on a CD I had not heard before.

That CD was Haymaker by Throwdown, a band so brutal that the mere mention of it’s name will burn a Kindercare to the ground.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here I had found a band that was angrier than Trent Reznor when his Mac won’t start up, had more breakdowns than a 1996 Monte Carlo, and all this from a band so straight edge that they made Creed look like Motley Crue. It was so beautiful, and yet, at the same time, I wanted to drive my fist through the throat of the next mammal I saw.

The CD was incredible. From Forever to Hate for the Weak to the amazing end track of “Raise Your Fist (including the secret “track”after the silence), it was all golden. Vendetta was an amazing follow-up and Venom and Tears, while not the band’s best release, was still better than 98% of any of the shit on the radio.

All in all, Throwdown has taught me an important lesson. Every time I finish a cigarette and go to flick it away, I ask myself: “What Would Throwdown Do?” I then precede to answer that question by smashing it into a hipster’s eye.

Thank you Throwdown, for allowing me to become the hate-fueled machine I am today. And thank you MetalSucks for reading this.

Jonathon Ben”

Well said, Jonathon! Your free swag is on the way!


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