If you’re one of those people who a) doesn’t think that dressing up for Halloween is lame and b) somehow still don’t have anything to wear the day before you have some big costume party to go to, here’s a quick list of some of the shiny stars of metal you can potentially be for Old Hallow’s Eve.

1) Slash. I think Vince and I have both been Slash for Halloween, albeit on separate occasions. It’s incredibly easy to find a large, curly haired black wig and cheap-o paper/cardboard top hat; from there, it’s just a matter of a well-placed cigarette and the leather coat/band shirt of your choice. This might literally be the easiest, yet still recognizable costume avail for last minute trick or treaters.

2) Buckethead. Slash’s replacement in GN’R is also surprisingly easy to pull off: your local KFC will most likely just give you a bucket to wear over the same wig you’d use to play Slash, and blank white masks are readily available, uh, just about everywhere. Then we recommend you wear a yellow raincoat to finish it. If you don’t have a yellow raincoat, well, uh… who the fuck doesn’t have a yellow raincoat? In any case, anyone who does dress up like BH should be prepared for random screams of “HEY CHICKEN DUDE!” from passers-by who aren’t familiar with this particular shredder – trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

3) Any member of Slipknot. Yeah, you can’t do such a swell job so last minute, but just grab any colored jumpsuit and put some kind of horrific mask on and you should be all set. Don’t worry about the patches and designs n’ shit – 9 outta 10 people won’t know the difference anyway.

4) Eddie. The good news is that Iron Maiden’s mascot has appeared in so many different forms over the years that wearing some zombie make-up and pretty much any outfit should work; the bad news is that said zombie make-up is probably a bitch. I haven’t been able to find an Eddie mask on-line anywhere to ease this burden, but maybe the more artistically inclined Maiden fans can just make one themselves?

5) Any member of Manowar. Long, straight black wig, tight leather pants with a salami shoved down the front, and no shirt should just about get you there. Of course, it may also get you more attention from the dudes at your Halloween party than the chicks…

6) Rob Halford. See # 5, omit wig, make sure leather has studs.

7) Any lead singer of any hardcore band. Shave head. Yell a lot. You won’t win any prizes, but it’s something.

8) Axl Rose. Get a red wig, some sunglasses, and the silliest outfit you can find. Sit in a dark corner of the party, away from prying eyes. Speak to no one. Eventually, everyone will even forget you’re there. Voila! Easiest costume of the year.

9) Vic Rattlehead. Actually, skull masks are so readily available in stores right now, all you need are some chains from your bike’s pad lock, a pair of sunglasses, and to dust off that suit you wore to your sister’s wedding however many years back (if it doesn’t still fit, well… suck in that gut, mister). That could be pretty cool, actually.

10) Fred Durst. Draw a face on your penis. Put a little red baseball cap on it, backwards. Shake it in the face of everyone at the party, regardless of whether or not they actually ask to see said penis.


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