The Internet chat boards are aflutter with the recent news of a police sting in Fargo, North Dakota that used a phony pre-show party to the Ozzy Osbourne concert at the Fargodome to lure and arrest locals with outstanding warrants. The Fargo police department sent out 500 letters to people with outstanding warrants, inviting them to a phony party which included an offer of two free tickets to the show. More than 30 people showed up and were arrested. They were being sought on charges ranging from delinquent child support payments to traffic and drug fines. Watch a local news recap of the story, below.

Calls of “entrapment” are unfounded; entrapment requires luring the suspect to actually commit a crime, when in this case the suspects had already committed crimes and had warrants out for their arrest. Ozzy is of course outraged, and said in a statement that the sting tarnished his reputation by implying his concerts attract criminals.

The big elephant in the room is obviously that fans of metal aren’t the brightest; we at MetalSucks resent this stereotype and it’s part of the reason we started this website. It’s hard to imagine our commenters falling for this kind of scheme (Korn4Life excluded). But all stereotypes are based on at least a kernel of truth, and in this case couldn’t it be said that anyone stupid enough to fall for such a scam deserves what they had coming to them? I mean let’s be honest, it’s hard to imagine 30 out of 500 fans of, say, Arcade Fire falling for this kind of shenanigan (although if there was a God, 500 out of 500 Arcade Fire fans would fall for it, ridding this earth of their pretentious existence).

What do you think?


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