Courtney LoveCourtney Love has posted another well-articulated blog on her MySpace page, full of beautiful prose, impeccable spelling and grammar as usual. In this episode, her response to accusations that she slammed Madonna (“i dont think i salmmed her i think ipraised her business acumen- and her ability to not screw up a good thing- im far m,ore self destructive quite obviously and shit.”), and her musings on adjusting to real, working life:

Even though im an artist- yeah we too must suffer Fica scores and worse than those who arent – because we are treated like utter shit if we even allow th eslightest thing to escape and iveallowed others to take care of my shit for so longa nd im so ANGRY – at them obviously but at myself- this chaos has got ot be cleared before anything can move and sometimes i do not care about records or movies or any dammed thing – until the stuff is clear and clean and a simple life is lived = with dashes of fabulousity and very nice floral arrangements …..

and weve been writing at nigh dso i have to switch modalities and its verty frustrating indeed and incredibly time consuming as i also have to mak etime for my child- who needs more time than ever at her age and vulnerability- and she is the love ofv my life- i havent had time fo rfriends- for travel for a dammed thing- tow ear m y lanvin dresses even to wear lipstick or do my hair-= or anything maybe i shower jumop into my Hysteric jeans and a Rick t shirt and go to work change my undies and bursh my teeth and brish my hair and othe rthan that i havent even worn PERFRUME for two weeks- ive worked my ass to the BONE – im tired and gimme a break im working my ass off chanting my ass off, taking care of my kid my band my producer my home my friends staying with me….my fincanses ….christ i havent even been anywhere biut the studio and the rehersal stuido and a few banks- its a GRIND,,,

No time for lipstick or perfume? A grind? Welcome to the real life we all live, Courtney.


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