dep logo 1I recently sat down in cyberspace with fellow Heeb and recently crippled guitar player for The Dillinger Escape Plan (whose new full-length album, Ire Works, is out NOW), the one and only Ben Weinman. Subjects covered include how Ben’s broken foot has affected his life, why God has it in for the Jews, who (if anyone) changes his drawers (Ben, not God), and much, much more. Check out the full interview after el jumperrrrino…

How many broken bones have you/The DEP had in your lives? What was the worst one?

ben w 2I don’t know about them other Dillinger guys but I have had 2 broken ribs, 2 broken feet, 2 broken fingers, and a broken head.

How did your current injury happen? Was alcohol involved? If so, does this make you want to tone down any future raucous activities?

I slammed a guitar into my foot and broke the fucker. No alcohol – I don’t drink. Maybe I should start. Nay it tastes icky!

How do you feel like this injury will influence your playing when you get back on your feet (pun intended) and rockit out there on the road?

I don’t know. This foot still really hurts. I have been looking into some ways to levitate on stage. Our new drummer Gil actually hovers over his drum seat when he plays. He has the gas of a thousand men and is always farting more then he is not farting.ben w 1

What has been the response to your new album *Ire Works*?

Pretty damn good. I only read the good stuff though. As soon as I see one non-favorable word I just throw the magazine out.

Has anyone offered constructive criticism that you either partially agree with or feel is full of donkey shiat?

No I don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t tell me im great. I am currently only talking to one person at the moment. It is a kid who emailed me once and told me I was great. I just keep him with me at all times.

How has the writing/recording process changed for you guys over the years?

It hasn’t changed much. I would say the biggest difference is that we have become better at home production so the demoing process has been much more effective in going into the studio prepared.

Who are your biggest current influences? And all-time favorites?

Indiana Jones, the Great American Hero, Jeff Wood, and Morgan Freedman. They are current and all time favorites.

dillinger t shirtYou and I are both Jewish, and we’re both laid out with internal injuries; coincidence, or does God really have it in for the Jews?

I don’t know man. That’s what my bands keep trying to tell me. They say… “You killed Jesus. That’s why we have such bad luck” and I just sit there, usually the only one injured, like “huh!”

How have your day-to-day activities been hindered by your broken foot? Who currently changes yr drawers?

I pretty much still run around and do everything like an asshole. I don’t wear drawers. Just the same pair of jeans every day and 2 different shirts.

Laundry be damned!!


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