Courtney Love on LettermanAccording to her latest blog post, Courtney Love has attempted to call the IRS to clear up some ID theft and credit card fraud incidents:

whats your best suggestion for clearing up old id theft but MASSIVE old id theft open corps you knew nothing about bogus tax stuff- mine e3as to directkly c all the irs wgh ignored me til my audit THEN they started listening…..now she wants me to back up EVERYTHING ican back up most of it witha document- i feel as tho my karma is good emnough that i wont get burned sonc eim not the one that did the plethora of oh every whiote collar crime you can think of from morgtage fraud to notary fraud to a MASS id fraud abnd 20 some corps oppened on my name, i just found 18 amex histories in the history amex szent me NONE reflected ( wel;l 4) in my legit ss but theres a fake ss number they used too

I can just picture the poor IRS pencil-pushers when Courtney calls up; “Hey, Joe, it’s Ms. Love, AGAIN.” Joe: “Uh, tell her I’m busy and I’ll call her back.” (snickers).

But I mean really, didn’t she steal her own identity years ago with all that plastic surgery? –OR– Serves her right for stealing Kurt Cobain’s identity for profit. <zing!>


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