• Kip Wingerschmidt

pillsI’ve decided as of late that anaesthesiologist is probably the coolest profession any self-respecting drug addict could ever pursue. I mean, you basically get people high every day, for a living. And I’m sure you can help yourself to a lil’ sample here and there…

The wack part is that drugs or not, you more or less live in the gloomy day-to-day of the hospital, which pretty much sucks. Thank jeebus for percosets!

The 2 anaesthesiologists I’ve dealt with in the last couple months really seemed like stoners to me. Both times, they were super-chill and each one repeatedly referred to the drugs. As in, Where the hell are the drugs?

Even better, though, are the doctors out there in the world who are comfortable with hookin’ a brotha up with a prescription for ppppillz at the drop of a hat. These guys are friends. But to be perfectly honest, I feel like if somebody is well aware of what drugs do to them and can handle the effects (sadly unlike the Gibbler, who wigged out on a couple things over Thanksgiving, smashed out his windows, and now might have to move), and even pays for the damn drugs, shouldn’t he be allowed to indulge as needed? I work extremely hard, and as a result I often require a little extra chill in my down time, so it seems perfectly normal to me to pop a goofball from time to time in order to catch a serious chill. It ain’t my fault if the damn things go so damn well with whiskey n’ weed!

At the onset of the Hanukkhristmikwanzaakas season, I just wanna take my proverbial hat off to any general practioner who is willing to write heavy prescriptions to citizens that simply have the balls to ask for it.

You guys rule; thanks for keeping me high and making the music sound that much better…



W-w-w-welcome t-to my w-w-world…

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