Courtney LoveCourtney Love’s latest 2,000+ word blog entry (and I use the term “word” loosely) is another A+ exhibition in spelling and grammar, with a page-long rant about colors:

mauve i love mauve ill buy mauve if the packaging doesnt lok faux victorian- and anythinbg wedding cake inspired- any sort of bridal thing i always look twice at- i love3 that nude peach that is almost skin like in vintage clothes and i got a fantastical opera coat a dar dar k chiocalate brown with coral lining but i hate salmon but im callinthis coral as it was so fabulius itacal- i think i got a real vionette dress too0- chriust i sound like jack white- i do like red white and black really-= no i love aqua- variations of aqua- i love berry as ina clear berry lip= i like a really really loght pink as i think of fucshcia denim and metallic gold as paris h, too much- hmmm- maybe some of you are mor eimaginative than me- those kali pictures from india all blue skina nd orange and saffron roibes and rubies emeraLds etc- i live green outside but i love autummn more ( we dont have that in la but we do in LONDON and new york and wellsoon be in BOTH!)id hAVE TO SAY I LOVE CREAM . ;ike tea dipped white and plum and i love a beuatiful purple and periwinkle blue always takes my cake-

Got a headache yet? Then there’s this bit about the recording of her new album:

when i first stazrted this endaevor almost 4 years ago ( yeah but ONLY 74 DAYS IN THE STUDIO ALL IN) i had these niave barely there little songs this paino sinmset ,marwuis i gave to Visionare because i loved the idea of anything being in Vinyl and becaus ei knew that it would never opthewr wise see the light of day, so yes it goes on and on – bu tthaqtsx because itll cvome out when its ready although the date has not changed

Does anyone know what a “sinmset” and a “marwuis” is? Because really, I’d like to know what those will sound like on her new album.


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