Metal SludgeBack in May, our own Axl Rosenberg wrote about the once mighty poo-flinging metal site Metal Sludge, how amazing it used to be, and its subsequent downfall in recent years:

“As of this writing, the site hasn’t been updated in over a month; alas, that’s actually not so unusual for them these days. But the result is that the site is starting to seem as old and faded as the rock stars it covers. I used to check the site on a daily basis to find who Nikki Sixx was cheating on his wife with now, how recently Steven Adler had gone down on some dude to score some smack, who was winning in the competition between Vince Neil and Jani Lane to become a fatter, drunker fuck, and look at pictures of Fred Durst looking like the dude from Flock of Seagulls; now, there’s almost never anything to check.”

Thanks to MetalSucks commenter ERiK for alerting us to a current thread on the Metal Sludge message board debating Rosenberg’s article. Not surprisingly, there seems to be some hate from the MetalSludgers directed our way. But need I call into question the legitimacy of any argument coming from people who 1) think L.A. Guns and Pretty Boy Floyd were great bands, and 2) still think L.A. Guns (pick a version) and Pretty Boy Floyd are great bands? Case closed.


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