Rita Haney “If Phil Anselmo hadn’t quit Pantera, Darrell wouldn’t have been playing in that shithole where that guy could get to him.”

Well duh, Einstein. Had that or any one of a million other things been different, Dimebag wouldn’t have been shot. This kind of shit-talking, taken from an interview in the March 2007 issue of Guitar World, is the kind of unnecessary bashing sure to add fire to the flames, not to mention that she comes off like an idiot. If I’d left for work one minute earlier today perhaps I would’ve been hit by a car. If Kip hadn’t left the house that day maybe he wouldn’t have broken his shoulder. We can all make ourselves crazy with a million “what if”s, but it won’t do any good because they’re all true and we can’t change them.

Anselmo, for all his past problems, for the most part has made his amends with Dimebag personally, in his music, and in the media. So Rita, why start this kind of public shit-slinging? A million factors could have been different about that night, and had any one of them been different things wouldn’t have ended the way they did. Why chose the one that’s the most convenient and controversial? We all understand the colossal loss and pain you feel, but that’s one step too far. Fuck you, Rita.


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