• Axl Rosenberg

munky.jpgHOLY SHIT. Munky has just left Korn mid-tour due to “personal and family reasons.” That’s right: Korn’s current European jaunt will now feature a whopping two original members.

I mean, I suppose that Munky might return to the band, the same way that it seems the door is perpetually open for David Silvera to return someday – but really, who the fuck are we kidding? Silvera’s been away for well over a year and missed an entire album (two if you count the incredibly misguided Unplugged), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Munky is done for good, too – especially in light of the fact that he’s rumored to be recording a solo album.

I guess the real question now is, will the band be able to maintain any of its fan base with just its singer and bassist present? I mean, none of these dudes are exactly top-notch musicians, and their replacements are all generally better players than they are. At the same time, Davis doesn’t have the mystique of an Axl Rose or the reputation for being a creative mastermind like Dave Mustaine or Erik Rutan or Tim Roth, so I can’t see people caring now that the band is a borderline solo-act (sorry if I’m downplaying Fieldy’s contributions – assuming he makes a contribution).

The good news for Korn fans is that the faster this act falls apart, the sooner the inevitable overblown Motley Crue-style reunion tour will take place.


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