There’s no question that Intronaut is truly one of the new young progressive metal giants to watch and follow. And recent news that the band will be heading back into the studio in April to record another full-length dynamo (this time for the band’s recently-signed-to new label, juggernaut Century Media Records) has fans pretty goddamn excited. This band has a serious need to rockit, and thankfully there is apparently to be no shortage of new material…

As guitarist/vocalist Sacha Dunable puts it: “There is a level of chemistry that we’ve never had before, now with our new guitar player Dave in the band. The new ideas that are flowing out of us are totally destroying everything we’ve done prior to this, and we can’t wait to hear what will come of it.”

This self-hype is good enough for me — my newly appointed most-anticipated-album-of-the-year (assuming it hits shelves in 2008) is most definitely Intronaut’s soon-to-be-recorded next album. And I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to it — Decibel Magazine recently appointed the band’s next recording as “one of the most anticipated releases of 2008.”

In the meantime, the band has recently posted several videos from their 2007 European tour, and here’s one of em, for “Nostalgic Echo”, from 2006’s Void

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/-SUEPyGB3XI" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

And after the jump, a great story from Dunable on outfoxing the Arizona police force…

It’s the second day of a tour and we’re driving from San Diego to Phoenix. For this trip, you have to take a freeway that runs just a few miles from the US/Mexico border and just on the other side of the Arizona border, there is a border patrol checkpoint, complete with big guns and drug-sniffing dogs. We are asked to pull over due to the dog “liking our van.” This was of slight concern since we had about a quarter ounce of medical weed from back home in a cassette tape case. Actually, the amount of weed we had is not important, because in Arizona, possession of any amount of marijuana is a felony—meaning you go the fuck to jail. Joe [Lester, bass] sticks the cassette case in his crotch and we get out of the van while Officer #1 tears through all our stuff. We are searched individually by Officer #2 a few feet away. Before it was his turn, Joe drops the tape case full of weed behind a bench where we are sitting. This is the middle of the desert, and “behind a bench” doesn’t mean “out of view.” All #2 had to do was look down and notice it, but we tried to keep our cool while we sat back down waiting for #1 to finish searching the van. I’m sweating balls at this point since the tape case is right under me and I know we had to act quick or tour is over and we’re in fucking prison. In a strategic maneuver, Leon [del Muerte, guitar] asks #2 where the bathroom is, and when he turns to show him, I snatch the case and stick it in Joe’s hoodie pocket. Number 1 comes back out empty handed and pissed that he didn’t find anything. Dude gives us a firm speech and we’re on our way. Let this be a message to cops everywhere: Intronaut are smarter than you!

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