Come on, you know exactly what this band sounds like just from their name, don’t you? Epic, bombastic, soaring European power metal, but not necessarily of the “extreme” non-stop 164th-note Dragonforce nature. Lots of delicious keyboards, big sounding drums, shredding, guitar harmonies, and soaring vocals that leave you utterly helpless against the overwhelming urge to raise your fist to the sky. And yeah, it’s cheesy as all hell, just the way we like it.

Guitar whiz-kid and primary songwriter Gus G. and the rest of his Greek bandmates are back with a new song called “Mercenary Man” on their MySpace page (no relation to the Danish metal band Mercenary — though that would certainly make for a killer tour combo). Firewind’s new album The Premonition comes out March 24th via Century Media (Europe), and they’ll be promoting the new record with a lengthy European tour throughout April and May (with festival appearances to follow, we hope. hint hint, Download Festival).


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