Black Metal Brunch



mayhem_demysteriisdomsathanas.jpgBrunch ist ebil. Ist naht breakfasts, ist naht lunch. Ebil! Drink ur coffees black ‘n’ ur eggs scrambled. I made you bacons, too, but then I eated it.

But I did saves you the Mayhem. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ist ebil, toos, likes brunch. Two band members deaded before the albums even came out, like. Dead himself and Euronymous released this statement:

“We have no vocalist anymore!!! DEAD killed himself two weeks ago! It was really brutal, first he cut open all the arteries in the wrists and then he had blown off his brains with a shotgun. I found him and it looked fucking grim, the upper half of his head was all over the room and the lower part of the brain had fallen out of the rest of his head and down on the bed. I of course grabbed my camera and made some photos, we’ll use them in the next Mayhem LP. I and HELLHAMMER were so lucky that we found two big pieces of his skull we have hung on neclaces as a memory.

DEAD killed himself because he lived only for the true old black metal scene and lifestyle. It means black clothes, spikes, crosses and so on… We must take this scene to what it was in the past! DEAD died for this cause and now I have declared WAR! I’m angry but at the same time I have to admit it was interesting to examine a human brain in rigor mortis. Death to false Black Metal and Death Metal! Also to the trendy hardcore people…AAARRGGHH!”

His English ist good, yeah? But then Varg Vikernes stabbed him 23 times, and he deaded, too. Fook, that’s ebil.

This is “Freezing Moon” from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. While you listen, I will go and gets more coffees… I drinked all of mines.

Mayhem, “Freezing Moon” – from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (1994)


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