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The Hard R: God Forbid’s Dallas Coyle Blogs on Life, Liberty, Hilary Clinton, and The Pursuit of Chicken


Dallas Coyle[Welcome to the new MetalSucks column The Hard R, brought to you by none other than God Forbid guitarist Dallas Coyle. Dallas has a lot to say about politics, life, music and an assortment of other topics, and lucky for you, you’ll get to read all about them here. Dallas knows where it’s at, and his writing tone (and guitar tone, for that matter) fits in perfectly with what we’re all about here; plus he thinks “MetalSucks” is a funny name, so how could we really go wrong? Welcome to the first installment of The Hard R. More to follow in the coming weeks, months, millenia. – Ed.]

Beware the golden tongue is Hillary Clinton’s new device of division. I love this sort of thing. I just wonder how long it’s going to take for her to come out and just say, ‘Vote for me! I am not a nigger!’ Kind of reminds me of Nixon. ‘I am not a crook!’ But he was a crook.

And Hillary Clinton is a nigger. Let’s go to my Mac dictionary. It says the word “nigger” is a contemptuous term for a black or dark skinned person. I disagree. It does mean that to some people. Steve Jobs particularly. But history is pop culture. My Merriam-Webster dictionary doesn’t even include the word “nigger.” Why? Politically correct? Merriam-Webster is gay. Put it in there, Merriam. Have some balls. It does include the word “niggard.” According to Merriam-Webster “niggard” means a stingy person. So maybe we can call Hillary Clinton a niggard. Because she is stingy. She wants the presidency herself. No matter the cost. Rules? What are those, Bill? Entitlement is a stingy characteristic.

Nigger originally meant ignorant person which would make us all niggers. Some of you reading this think I’m a nigger for using the word nigger. That’s fine because this is America. To me the word nigger is nothing but a device. A terror tactic. A strategy. The term nigger for me refers to George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Ghouliano. Or that fat nigger cunt who cut me off on RT 18. Turns out it was a Mexican dude who was skinny and wasn’t illegal. These are people who think they know certain things, do certain things then berate other people for their own mistakes when things go wrong. Those are the real niggers.

I am an avid Obama supporter. Most people say I am a supporter because he’s black. And I say, ‘no silly, I am a supporter because everyone is white.’ White people scare me. They really do! But black Republicans scare me even more. Am I a racist? Nah. Why not? Because the Klu Klux Klan is supporting Barack Obama because he’s a Democrat. Fun fact: The democrats founded the KKK. The KKK are flip-floppers. I am so angry with them!

My question is this: Why do you stand where you stand? Where do you stand if you know why? Most of us believe we stand above others when in reality we all stand in the same place… In a cloud of uncertainty.

I am certain of one thing though. Chicken is very good. It can unite this country if we stop worrying about each other’s reasons for liking chicken. I’ve got an answer — It’s good! Brussel sprouts aren’t good. They are the great divider!

Obama is chicken. Clinton is brussel sprouts. McCain is in George Romero’s next flick Diary Of The Dead… By the way, this relates directly to God Forbid in some sick, twisted way! It’s a great time to be an American.

– Dallas Coyle, God Forbid

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