Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn* has been making super heavy metalcore for about as long as any American band, yet they’re not a household name here in the States. Their new video, for the track “Endzeit” off their new album Iconoclast, is, by turns, creepy, incendiary, surreal, and hilarious, but I have a hard time believing any station here in the US will ever play the damn thing; between the shouts of “WE ARE THE VIOLENT ONES! WE ARE THE FINAL RESISTANCE!” and the terrorism plot and the photo of George W. Bush, playing this video is just asking for controversy.

I don’t know who directed this thing but I’ll have to find out… I think it’s really quite good…


*Or is it HeavenShallBurn? I’ve seen it written both with and without spaces, although I prefer the former, as the latter reminds me far too much of limpbizkit.

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