What the...??



Courtney Love PolaroidFrom the famous blog of one Courtney Love:

i would never votefor a presidenty based on the “person id most like to have a beer witH” Fox transparently obvious talking point. Its maddeningly sexist and mostly its DUMB.
Beer isnt even GOOD. i mean REALLY. “ahh ahm a gonna belly up to the sports bar and have a brewski y’all want one?”
i mean who has really had more than TEN beers in thier life on my blog?
Guess what ? Ill bet the farm my blog subsribers are in NO WAY “beer drinkers” AND ill alsop bet they are fucking VOTERS, so shut this shit up

Beer is sexist? It’s not good? This is crazy talk! It’s also extremely classist and elitist. Excuse us Courtney, for we can’t afford the top shelf apple martinis you’re so accustomed to drinking.

What percentage of MetalSucks readers have had ten beers in their life?


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