btn.jpgIf our current poll is any indication, most of our readers feel that the subgenre not-so-kindly referred to as “deathcore” is “the next annoying trend in metal.” And that’s too bad, ’cause deathcore – like any genre – has its good bands and its shitty bands, and frankly, at this point, nothing should deter you from listening to, say, Despised Icon, who know how to the bring the heavy-as-fuck as well as anyone.

I mention it ’cause Sumerian Records seem to be getting really good at signing young, up and coming, awesome “deathcore” acts: The Faceless, Born of Osiris, and now Broadcast the Nightmare, who are about to enter the studio with Black Dahlia Murder producer Andrea Magnusson to pump out their Sumerian debut. The samples currently posterd on BTN’s MySpace page are a little more “traditional” than the stuff from The Faceless and BOO, but it also kicks serious ass: this band seems to specialize in crunchy, neck breaking riffs piled atop one another like a knife straight through the fuckin’ skull. Suh-weet.

Consider us stoked to hear the completed album; don’t write these dudes off just ’cause of some media label.


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