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Dallas CoyleI really should keep these blogs to music but this Obama vs. The Right Wing has got my pea-brain to react. So I will.

I’m a person of mixed race like Barack Obama. My mom is black and my dad is white. But times were so tough, I was raised by my grandparents on both sides which is where a lot of my values come from. That being said; (Bmouth spin headline) White people are afraid of this dialogue of race in America. When I say white people I mean Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Cunningham and Fox News in general. Not white metal heads.

I’ve said it countless amounts of times. I don’t watch Fox News for the news. I watch it for the stiffys. There are a lot of hot blondes on there that can use a porking or two. It’s true. I’m a proud American and will always be. I believe this Jeremiah Wright stuff is old news brought up by the GOP and the Clintons to belittle Obama as a man associated with hate. But it will all backfire on them. Americans now have a chance to do their own research. Why do black people feel the way Jeremiah Wright does? Why are whites offended by the nature of the argument? The reason is because this issue is a gut issue. It hits you like food poisoning. You have to react but you can’t react with a clear head because it is such a divisive subject. No, I can’t blame my white friends for slavery. I never would. That’s stupid. But there is a palpable, intangible element to this very real issue and it’s based around fear.

Playing metal as an ethnic band we’ve run into all sorts of racism across the world. In Europe, some people hate Americans. In the south, we’ve been called niggers. This comes with the territory. None of us are holier than thou but a lot of us act as if we are. Being in a metal band is amazing because the music itself is based in white culture which I’m proud of because I’m half white. Without metal I’d be another statistic in a prison cell obviously labeled a black man.

Through our career there has always been an identity crisis about who we are relative to the scene we love. Are we not as known because we’re black or have we not connected with the audience in the right way? One can never tell but I refuse to say us being black has hindered our success. I reject and denounce that claim vehemently. It’s bullshit.

We have fans around the world who love us because we’re black. We represent change and evolution in a country that has had many race problems. I feel we’re part of a cure, not the opposite. Obama is the same way. My cousin is black and he’s a Republican. He calls Obama a smooth talking nigger in a derogatory way. I take offense to it but I don’t condemn him for it. It’s his opinion and we all have our experiences to make us feel the way we do. He’s my cousin. I love the hell out of him. But his views have nothing to do with what I’m about as a person. My values are about helping other people get what they want and need. I’m a leader. I will tell you what’s what and why it is the way it is. The answer you’ll get will probably piss you off but you need to be angry. Your government is manipulating you.

How many of you know that The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE company that prints money for America? They charge interest on the money they print to the American people. Your income taxes pay down that interest owed. Essentially, all of us as Americans are paying the interest on Americas platinum credit card. Do you know who owns the Fed? Three families. They are white families. Hey, I don’t hate on them. They did something right. And they are part of the 10% of the population that owns 90% of the wealth.

This Jeremiah Wright story is so funny because he is so cliche it might as well be a part in the movie ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka’. He looks like a damn wizard. But take away the tone of his words and read a transcript of the sermon and you’d all say the same thing: ‘He’s got a point.’ It’s a shame that white people are so afraid of black people. Black people are loving, gracious and peaceful for the most part.

We live in an amazing time these days. I’ve got white friends, black friends, asians, etc etc. Race for my generation isn’t too much of a big deal but it is for the people who grew up in the 60’s. Jeremiah Wright is one of those people. His views may seem radical but they are documented in more books by white Americans than black ministers.

Sean Hannity talks about the Black Church being racist. He says put white in the places where black was and it’d be racist. Unfortunately you can’t compare Apples To Oranges. White culture is transparent. Black culture was defined through the civil rights movement through liberation theology. Liberation theology is about being free. The old white pastors preached about lynching blacks because they were lower on the food chain. These are radically different views. Hannity knows nothing of liberation theology. Why didn’t the media malign Seinfeld for his ties with Michael Richards when he went on his racist rant? Because Seinfeld didn’t say them. Richards did. Most of these comments come from moments of anger, not true beliefs. It’s a way to win an argument, albeit, through a dirty, disgusting tactic.

Please support Obama because I have a window in his thinking. He’s angered by these comments because he doesn’t feel this way. I don’t either. This racial rhetoric is old news but it is still relevant in bringing America together. I believe metal can help bring America together and I believe we will help in that fight.

I do disagree with one thing Wright said. He said, ‘Hillary Clinton has never been called a Nigger!’ Well that’ s not true. I called her a nigger three weeks ago! HAHA! I’m a damn psychic! Get your fact straight Rev. Wright.

If Blabbermouth is going to spin this, spin it in a constructive way. This specific blog is important for me and I want people to read this with an open mind. Everyone should agree metal is a medium for dialogue. God Forbid has no problems with any race ’cause we all fall under the same flag of metal!

Rock On. Investigate for yourself.

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