Tommy LeePreface: I am having one of those days.

I am sick and tired of celebrities pretending to be eco-friendly. It’s fucking bullshit, and these charades must stop. What’s sparked my ire today is an announcement that Tommy Lee and Ludacris will be teaming up for a new show on Discovery called “Battleground Earth” in which they compete against each other to see who can be the most “green.” The show “features the duo battling against the toxic forces destroying mother earth as they travel across the country on a 10-episode tour.”

For the love of god, put a fucking trap on it. “Green” is so trendy right now, but everyone just likes to talk and not do. Everyone and their mother is going around saying they’re green, but really it stops there — other than recycling the occasional beer bottle (or paying someone else to do it), there is no fucking way Tommy Lee or Ludacris actually a) give a shit about the environment in any more than an abstract way, or b) actually take the extra steps to practice what they preach.

Does Lee use eco-friendly lighhtbulbs? Recycle paper? Does Ludacris unplug his toaster when he isn’t using it, and, if it’s yellow does he let it mellow? These fuckers probably drink bottled water willy nilly and don’t think twice about it. They undoubtedly drive large SUVs everywhere they go.

Let’s just see this TV show as what it is; a fucking sham, designed to cash in on a trend and create the illusion of goodwill. Fuck this shit. Fuck it to hell. It’s an insult to those of us who actually make an effort to be environmentally conscious. I suppose it’s good that environmentalism is getting some exposure through celebrities, but this show just lampoons it by making it into a joke. Fuck off. Die. All of you.

First person to comment that environmentalism is gay / not metal a) gets banned, b) is fucking retarded.


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