Muse - HAARP[MetalSucks contributor Tommy Leebowitz was lucky enough to attend a recent screening of the new Muse DVD HAARP at an intimate movie theater in New York City. The following are his thoughts. -Ed.]

Here’s a tip: if you’re going to a screening of the new Muse concert film HAARP and you get really, really stoned before you go, make sure before you leave your house that you know which theater you’re supposed to go to. It will make the whole experience much more enjoyable. However, I do recommend the getting really, really stoned before viewing part, as it tends to make everything all that much better.

The first thing that hits you watching the new Muse concert film is, “I had no idea that this band had this many fans.” The film documents a Muse show at Wembley Stadium, in London. Holy shit, that place fits a lot of people. Bands don’t sell out stadiums anymore, do they? Muse does.

In fact, Muse sold out two shows in a row; one of them was filmed for the DVD portion of HAARP while the other was recorded for the CD portion. The setlist of the CD and the DVD are similar, although the DVD includes 6 additional tracks. The band opens with the badassery of “Knights of Cydonia” and closes with “Take a Bow”, which both sound more appropriate in these spots in the setlist than they do in their switched spots on the Black Holes and Revelations album.

Watching Muse live in person, you realize how complex Muse’s music really is and what absolutely stupendous musicians these guys are. Unfortunately the film portion of HAARP does not really capture this; it captures the energy of the show, but not the virtuosity of the players. And man, the guys playing in this band are good, so it’s kind of a shame. But the overall energy of the show is captured, making for an enjoyable experience all the way through.

Whether you like Muse or have never seen them live, it’s probably worth the 20 bucks to buy the DVD/CD set; if nothing else, it’s a live document of a great live band. And make sure you get your ass to see Muse the next time they play in your area.


HAARP was released April 1st. Buy it nowDVD REVIEW: MUSE REV UP THE ENERGY LEVEL WITH HAARP for only $12.99! (CD and DVD together)

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