• Kip Wingerschmidt

sword gote coverOk so I’ve given Gods of the Earth, the recently-released sophomore album by Austin’s The Sword, a few chances, and I must admit that the record has continually come up a bit stale to me. This new collection of songs mostly feels like a lukewarm-er carbon copy of their fantastic 2006 debut, Age of Winters. And since the first record, no aspect of the band’s shtick seems to have evolved: the playing hasn’t gotten any more interesting or better, the recording is identical to Age‘s, and the songs are actually way less dynamic and intelligent (save a few decent riffs sandwiched in here and there).

Clearly the dudes in The Sword subscribe heavily to the notion “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and while I can most certainly respect that, I ain’t gonna listen to no straight-up sub-par rehash of a band’s own bit. Sorry y’all — the truth wants to be free, and it needed to be said.

If you want a serious metal band that is pushing the boundaries of brutality/melody/songwriting, you know where to look.

MS hornzMS hornz

(two out of five hornz)


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