What the...??



Ted Nugent once again proved he is a completely deranged, bigoted asshole in a recent video interview with LiveLeak. Ted had some very unkind words about certain Democrats and their gun control policies, and had this tender nugget of wisdom to share:

“Who would not want a cop to be armed every place? They’re trained to serve and protect. You can’t stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters. I want warriors to be able to have the tools necessary to stop evil.”

Who would not want a cop to be armed in every place? I’ll tell you who, Ted. Two words:

Sean Bell.

The 6 police officers acquitted of firing 50 bullets at an unarmed man the night before his wedding in Queens last year ought to be jailed and stripped of their badges for life, not acquitted of all charges. You, Ted, are a danger to society, not Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton.


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