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Nights Like These’s Sunlight at Secondhand was one of my favorite albums of 2007. So this statement that they just released kills me a little bit:

“We will not be stopping but more of slowing down. For the past few years we have enjoyed the full time touring lifestyle but it has come to the point where we will not be able to commit that much time to the road. As the summer winds down, a few of us will be in school pursuing careers in our respected fields as well as having jobs and other priorities that will obviously keep us at home. We plan to hit certain areas when we have time off, so don’t worry, we will be back to your areas eventually.

“As far as this summer, we will be writing new material and we will be playing regionally. So if you live in AR, MS, AL, KY, IN, MO, or TN and want us to come out and jam, let us know and we can try to work something out.

“We will continue to put out records so keep coming back and checking our blog for more updates. We appreciate the emails and messages we continue to receive. It means a lot to us in our down time and hopefully you will continue to support us as we open a new chapter in Nights Like These.”

Well, I don’t live near any of those places, so I won’t be seeing them live anytime soon. And since live is pretty much the best way to experience music (unless we’re talking about Atreyu – they should be experience live only by kiddie rapists and mass murderers who need to be punished), whatever album the band makes next is gonna hafta be pretty fuckin’ brilliant to maintain my interest. Put another way: I think this kind of “We’re not touring anymore” thing might work fine for an established act, but for a band that are still very much up and comers, it strikes me as career suicide; I mean, how many metal bands have risen to prominence throught “relentless touring,” as publicists seemingly so love to write in press releases?

But I guess only time will tell for sure…


[via Lambgoat]

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