Jason Neilstein

When I posted a plea to our reader two weeks ago asking for someone to spend $67.46 on a vintage Warrant t-shirt from eBay for me, never did I think one of you guys would actually oblige. You guys are sure a surpisingly generous bunch of people for a bunch of stinky metalheads — because within 10 minutes, loyal MetalSucks reader DeathMetalDave had bought, paid for, and emailed me the receipt to the eBay auction. Which is awesome, because never in a million years would I spend so much money on a t-shirt; but hey, I ain’t complainin’. A few days later said shirt arrived in the mail. It was definitely the talk of the party last night.

Thank you DeathMetalDave! Dave will soon be getting a sweet care package of the best stuff we can find lying around the MetalSucks Mansion — which isn’t saying much, but hey, it’s something.

So, how about this McIntosh integrated amplifier? It’d sure be sweet to have.



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