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Fuck, I hate fucking Mondays.

ANYWAY, last week a super shitty rip of the new Slipknot single, “Psychosocial,” leaked (and thanks to the 57,000 of you who e-mailed us said super shitty rip). Now Slipknot axemaster Mick “#7” Thompson (who has the strongest, most bone crushing hand shake of anyone I’ve ever met) is hosting a stream of the entire song on his MySpace page, along with “All Hope is Gone,” the previously-released title track for the ‘Knot’s new album.

Look: right off the bat, I don’t like this song nearly as much as “All Hope is Gone.” It’s got way too much Stone Sour in it, and I don’t just mean Corey Taylor’s clean vocals. That being said, it’s not a bad song – in fact, if it’s the worst track on the new album, I say we’re in pretty good shape.

The track goes on sale digitally tomorrow; meanwhile, the band unveil their new masks tonight/tomorrow morning at 12:01 a.m. They were just gonna do it at midnight like any normal person would, but their manager thought that wasn’t douchey enough.


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