Alright alright alright: I don’t wanna hear any more bitching that we’re too mean to Metallica, I don’t wanna hear anyone else say we need to give their album a chance. We will give it a chance, and if it’s awesome, we will apologize for all the shit we’ve talked.

But we won’t have to apologize.

Just when I thought my dread for Metallica’s Death Magnetic couldn’t be any greater, the band has revealed the album’s track list, and the big news from just glancing at the song titles is that the album will feature “Unforgiven III,” the second prequel to the semi-power ballad off of the band’s self-titled black album.

I’m not sure why the fuck Metallica feel the need to keep revisiting this particular song – maybe they feel unforgiven for shitting all over their legacy during the past seventeen years, or maybe they’re just really, really big Clint Eastwood fans – but I do know that “Unforgiven II” was one of those songs that made me wish Hetfield and Ulrich had met fates similar to the late, great Cliff Burton.

Seriously. “Unforgiven II” has to be one of the silliest songs ever recorded by a once-respectable band.

In case you somehow managed to magically avoid “Unforgiven II” upon its initial release, check out the ridiculously retarded video below and dread the inevitable day when “Unforgiven III” is released as a single; then wash the foul taste out of your mouth by watching the video for the original “Unforgiven” after the jump.


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