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The Hard R - Dallas Coyle God Forbid

Last week I talked about recording a record and how tough it can be. Some people were giving me props for being honest about how I felt about the recording of our new record and the doubts I had. I think this is a natural thing when you’ve been doing something for so long.

When we first started optimism was the name of the game. Every record we did it got better and better. It was like living in a dream. But now that certain things have bottomed out, from our scene to the music industry in general, there is a true question mark revolving around the release of our new record. Can our next record be bigger? Is it the right record at the right time?

When I got back from LA last week I was just burnt the fuck out. I had heard the music so much I had no idea what the hell was going on. Yesterday, as I was moving into my new place I put all the songs in the order I thought they should be in and the record became much different. Track listing on a record is VERY important. If you’re in a band pay attention to that. Before we hit the studio we always know what song is opening the record and what song closes the record. Always.

I realized a couple of things as I listened to my track listing. Our record is very, very diverse. It’s so diverse that I’m a little worried about how it’s going to play. There is some really catchy stuff. The singing is very hook oriented on certain songs. Some people have suggested that I’ve become a second singer. I’m not entirely comfortable with that label but I do have more parts on this record than I have on previous ones. The second half of the record is interesting because it takes a really dark tone. It wasn’t intentional but it just seems the track listing is all about a journey from optimism to reality.

There’s a song called ‘Bat The Angels’ that is very different than anything we’ve ever done. It’s very dark and brooding but we have some stuff that’s very thrash and traditionally melodic. I guess we’ve always done a lot of different things from record to record but this record seems to be going a bit far. We have a title for the record which I can’t divulge yet but I really think we should call it ‘?’. I don’t know what the fuck it’s going to be! I hope that’s exciting for you guys and girls who care.

In some other news regarding the record, it’s not coming out ’til early next year. Our mixing situation fell through and we’re taking our time now. Rushing a record is the worst thing you can do especially when it’s as important as this record is for us. Look for a Jan/Feb release for the new GF album. I’m excited because I have a lot of time off to market this record and get my shit together in general.

If any of you are interested in moving your band forward or getting some information you can use to push your band farther, hit me up at

I always like to help people do what I’ve been able to do which has been through a lot of luck and hard work! Also, I’m going to keep doing The Hard R podcast so if there are any questions you have for me, I’ll do a question and answer section so you can hear your name on the podcast!!!


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