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In 2004, Judas Priest went on before Black Sabbath at Ozzfest and pretty much decimated Ozzy and his cohorts; a year later, Iron Maiden did the same, and Sharon Osbourne got so pissy about it that she resorted to not-so-friendly “pranks” like having “X”s drawn through Maiden’s name on Ozzfest merch, cutting the band’s sound mid-song, and recruiting second stage musicians to help her throw eggs at Bruce Dickinson and company. Classy.

Now Sharon reportedly wants AC/DC to co-headline next year’s Ozzfest, when the festival will allegedly return to its status as a tour instead of a one-off gig, because they’re her “favorite band” (I’m sure Ozzy takes no offense at that statement).

The last time AC/DC toured the U.S., the only other band on the bill was Slash’s Snakepit (Version 2.0), and they were still selling out football stadiums. In other words, I think Ozzy probably needs AC/DC more than AC/DC needs Ozzy; I really just can’t imagine them wanting to go on before Ozzy to play an abbreviated set.

Still, maybe they will play Ozzfest. If they do, look for Sharon to be throwing eggs at them sometime in summer ’09.


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