What the...??



Ever wondered how to pig squeal like the bestest of your grind heroes? Thankfully YouTube has the answer, as always; an assortment of home gurus would like to show you how.

Hearing this little turd call his would-be viewers “grindcore wannabes” makes me want to pop him in the nuts with a sock full of nails. But watching him explain away coughing whilst out of breath is almost revenge enough:

After the jump, lotso’ pig squealin’ fun:

Try some cheese:

pornogaio wins the most-metal-face-while-pigsquealing award:

Inwards AND outwards brie-ing:

Don’t hurt yourself:

Who says it’s only for men? Teenage RadicalxxRachel tries but fails:

Don’t get anywhere near this dude’s mouth on the inhale, lest you get sucked in:


[Thanks: Fritz]

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