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  • Axl Rosenberg

METAL DOUCHESI know what you’re thinking: “When did MetalSucks become a gay porn site?” (“When they started endorsing Avenged Sevenfold!” Oh!) But the photo to your right actually comes from Metal Douches Metal Dudes, a website that describes itself thusly:

“Metal Dudes is the first REAL male metal modeling site! This Site is more than looks, this site advertises guys that can show off their cutting edge and ‘in-your-face’ personalities in an amazing photograph.”

Well. Clearly, this site is filling some hole in the metal community that desperately needed to be filled (“Heh-heh. He said ‘fill the hole.’”). I mean, who saw Pete Steel in Playguy all those years ago and DIDN’T think “Gosh, I wish that was me?”

After the jump, check out more pics of these incredible doods. First person to leave a non-homophobic comment that actually makes me laugh wins a prize from the MetalSucks Mansion Vault.



[Thanks to MetalSucks Maniac morrizz for the tip.]

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