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“Vacuity,” the new song by Gojira, might be my favorite kind of metal song – something that’s got more weight than Kim Kardashian’s ass but is as catchy as Paris Hilton’s herpes. Like the very best songs by everyone from Metallica to Pantera to Lamb of God, Gojira have written something that never, ever sacrifices hooks for give-you-a-concussion heaviness. You can’t help but fucking head bang to this shit – the pounding march of the rhythm section demands that you head bang, God damn it.

And, oh yeah, no clean vocals. Vince keeps scolding me for turning into one of those cranky old dudes who hates clean vocals, but seriously, a lot of bands are fucking overusing them right now – I think they’re trying to rebel against screaming being “in” for most of the the 21st Century so far – and, maybe even worse, using them in the wrong ways. Joe Duplantier fucking screams his ass hoarse, and the song is better off for it.

“Vacuity” is streaming on Gojira’s MySpace page right now. The band’s new album, The Way of All Flesh, comes out October 13. Holy shit I can’t wait to hear this fucking album.


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