FUN WITH METALLICA HAIKUYesterday we received a bizarre press release about a Fuse TV-related blog called “Sami’s Rock It Out Blog” in which the blog’s namesake took a few stabs at metal-related haiku. I fell for the Metallica reference in the email, and when I clicked through was greeted with this completely bland effort:

Metallica has
released new song on the web
Name “My Apocalypse”

BO-RRRRING (not to mention the wrong number of syllables in the last line). How about we have some fun with this? Here’s my attempt:

Armani Shopping
Expensive clothing indeed
Metal, not so much

James, Lars, Rob and Kirk
New Metallica Album
They Should Just Stick To Touring

Saint Anger’s Snare Drum
Sounded Like a Piece of Shit
It still isn’t fixed

Pipe in with your own! Ist fun!


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