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F*CK CDs [AND RECORDS AND BOOKS]. F*CK THEM HARD.Moving the MetalSucks Mansion this past weekend, I got to thinking: now that I can store all of the music I have and could ever want on a device the size of a paperback book, do I really need so many CDs around? Because let me tell you, hauling heavy-as-fuck boxes of thousands of CDs (and books and records) up two flights of stairs in 90 degree, humid heat was NOT fun. In fact, it was borderline torture.

Which begs the question; do I really need to keep all of this shit around?

Don’t get me wrong; I love my CDs and have been a flagwaver of the “I like to have the physical object / look at the art” argument in the past. But FUCK, what a pain it is to have SO MUCH STUFF when a cheaper, more efficient alternative is available. If not for my CDs, books and record, I literally would have had half as many boxes. Not to mention where this stuff actually goes once it’s been moved; that shit takes up a ton of space!

So as I sit amongst a plethora of unpacked boxes full of CDs*, for the first time I find myself wondering: do I really need all of this shit?


*Picture above is not the MetalSucks Mansion. Thanks Google Images!

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