So remember all of one day ago when we posted that some “enterprising young audio engineer” had recut all of Death Magnetic to make the whole thing “better, shorted and cut(ted)”? Well, said enterprising young audio engineer emailed us a mere hour or two after the post went up, and here’s what he had to say:

hey –

i’m the ‘enterprising young audio engineer’ that made death magnetic: better, shorter, cut. i knocked it out last friday (9/5) in about six hours using a copy of peak pro (2 track stereo editing program). i then posted it to a couple of torrent sites on 9/6 as “better shorter cut” — it almost sank, but then somebody else re-posted it as “better, shorter, cutted.” why, i don’t know, but god bless ’em…

basically, i just wanted a new album by metallica that i could listen to without getting irritated by some lame lyrics or ploddy riffs that go nowhere for three minutes before turning into something cool. the original version of death magnetic is the best thing that they’ve done since …and justice for all, but it ain’t great. my version is great.

if the dudes in metallica see my re-cut as a slap in the face, well, they can download two of my albums for free off my website – Henchmusic.com – and cut them up and distribute them any way that they want. better yet, they can hire me to make sure that they don’t include any sucky parts on their next album.

there’s no need to print any of this, but hey… “the more you know.”

all the best,




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