Reunion Mania


  • Axl Rosenberg

THE REUNION YOU HAVEN’T BEEN WAITING FORIn hindsight, that time you were a kid and went camping with your friends and some sketchy dude in a car rolled up out of nowhere and rolled his window down just an inch and spoke real low so you’d have to get close to his car because he was probably trying to abduct and rape you might seem like a funny story to tell people – but it doesn’t mean you’d necessarily wanna re-live it. I mean, it probably sucked at the time, the realization that you were a half-step away from living out a Friday the 13th movie.

So Spineshank have gotten back together.

Even if Spineshank were one of the (slightly) less annoying nu-metal acts of the late 90s/early aughties, I can’t imagine anyone was really clamoring for a reunion. But they’ve already posted a new, incredibly awful song, “Born Conform Repent,” on their MySpace page.

Somewhat sadder (relatively speaking) is that this signals the death of Silent Civilian, the better-than-average (but by no means great) metalcore band that Spineshank lead singer Jonny Santos formed after quitting The ‘Shank (no idea if people actually call them “The ‘Shank” or not, but I think it’s funny) in ’04. They released one pretty decent album, the horribly named Rebirth of the Temple, on Mediaskare in 2006, but have been plagued by line-up problems, and I guess Jonny gotta eat, too.

And I imagine that somewhere, probably in the mid-west or wherever Edsel Dope is still considered a “rock star,” there is someone who’s happy to hear that Spineshank are back together. And, um, how lucky for that guy.

Here’s Spineshank’s video for “New Disease”…

…and here’s Silent Civilian’s video for “Rebirth of the Temple.”

Even if you think both bands suck, there’s no denying that one was considerably better than the other.


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