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Revolver Magazine Editor-in-Chief Tom Beaujour has revealed in an interview with our chums at BITPOM.com that the magazine is planning an all-Pantera special edition issue for December, on the heels of their wildly successful and highly amusing all-Tool issue this past Spring.

If ever there’s another metal band that inspires as fervent a fan-base as Tool I’d think Pantera is certainly that band, and it makes perfect sense for Revolver to release a tribute issue. I’ll especially be looking forward to this one, as there is SO much to explore, especially in the way of new interviews with the remaining living band members — so long as the good folks at Revolver hold off on tacky Dime tributes (this topic has been beaten to death, deader than a dead horse fucking another dead horse in the bunghole) and so long as Rita Haney keeps her obnoxious trap shut. I’m also interested in seeing how much, if any, editorial space the magazine devotes to Pantera’s oft-ignored glam metal years.

If you missed the all-Tool edition, it’s your lucky day: you can buy a re-issue here. Trust us, it’s fucking awesome.

Also, remember that awesome feature Revolver used to have where they invited bands into their offices to write and record a new original song in just a couple of hours? RevolverMag.com just posted all of those tracks for free download; highlights include “masterpieces” by Dillinger Escape Plan, Genghis Tron, Meshuggah, Trivium, Chimaira, and plenty of others.


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