ONE MORE QUICK RANT ABOUT ALL THE CHINESE DEMOCRACY HULLABALLOOI know that people are already sick of talking about this, but as self-admitted hardcore GN’R obsessive who has actually been waiting a really, really (really, really, really) long time for this fucker to get released, I have a few quick things I have to get off my chest.

  1. The cover art that so many seem so disappointed by is real. In 2002 Axl showed a concert audience in China a photo (on the giant arena screen) of Chinese Democracy‘s cover art (Amazingly, not a single concert goer managed to snag a picture on their cell phone.). It was a photo taken in China and sent to Axl by a fan of a bicycle leaning against a wall where someone had spray painted the band’s moniker. That’s a cool story, but one that 99.999% of the world will never know. Maybe that’s why there’s allegedly going to be multiple covers – because a photo of a bicycle seems pretty lame.
  2. Of the fourteen songs on the album, only three (“Scrapped,” “Sorry” and either “Prostitute” or “This I Love,” at least one of which will turn out to be the untitled song which leaked earlier this year) are ones we haven’t heard before, which is disappointing. However, in ’02 Axl told he was actually making three albums, with one to be released every year for three years, Lord of the Rings-style. By that logic, if Chinese Democracy really comes out this year, there should be another Rose N’ Roses album in 2009 and and yet another one in 2010. What are the chances that actually happens? I’d guess slim to none, even if Chinese Democracy somehow does end up being a hit.
  3. This is all a moot point because I honestly do not believe that the album is coming out, and will not believe that it’s coming out, until Axl makes a statement to that effect. The guy once claimed he didn’t know his managers booked a tour for him until he read about it on the internet; his bullshit knows no bounds. As long as he stays quiet, he has (semi-) plausible deniability – “Everyone else said it was being released, we never said it was being released.”

Rant over. Thanks for letting me vent.


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