ryan adams Alt-country superstar Ryan Adams revealed his love of metal in a recent NY Times piece published this past weekend, in which he shared with writer Winter Miller what’s been making the rounds on his playlist lately. “Metal gets a bad rap, that it’s just satanic or screaming, but sometimes it’s really just pop songs that are more forceful. Metal is not to be feared, it’s still storytelling.” True ‘dat. On the new Metallica record:

I’m still absorbing it all. It’s a 100 percent return to form. I have been a lifelong Metallica fan, and I’ll admit, I have been disappointed in some albums. “Death Magnetic” (Warner) is lyrically astounding; the musicianship is incredible.

The time stops, the chord progressions, the lyrics, they’re all profound. Not only do they know who they are, but they realized what bands they were affecting and then put that into their music. They made a classic Metallica record by being old school. Good records, you put them in and they blow your mind, no two ways about it. I’m so proud of them and so excited, and I can’t wait to see the tour.

Profound lyrics? What album are YOU listening to, Mr. Adams?

Anyway, the soulful crooner (who has put out some worthwhile material, IMO) goes on to share his thoughts on stoner metal up-and-comers Saviours (“so incredible”) and one-man black metal machine Xasthur (“When I close my eyes and listen, I think of a heartbroken demon sitting beside these ashes in hell and really missing his girlfriend.”). A good read whether you enjoy Mr. Adams’ music or not.


[NYTimes.com; thanks Derek!]

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